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Muslim Wedding Dresses

Do You Wish To Learn About The Islamic Marriage Ceremony?

When both the parties agree to the wedding, the families come to a conclusion with respect to the date on which the wedding should be conducted. Generally, under the traditional method there will be only the immediate family members for witnessing the ceremony. The bride is represented by a guardian called as Wali, who can be her uncle, brother or father.
The term ‘Wali’ here means supporter or protector. This individual will be representing the bride in the negotiations made for the wedding. Generally, this individual should be Muslim and if the bride does not have her father, brother or uncle as a Muslim, there should be somebody from this community to represent her. Like for example, her mom might be Muslim and father might be from different community in such a case this will happen. The Wali should make sure that the rights of the bride are not violated in any way. Generally, people belonging this community do not have any religious priesthood and so any trustworthy individual belonging to this community can lead the ceremony.
In most of the Islamic nations in the world, the wedding celebrations these days are conducted in a series of days. There are back-to-back feasts and celebrations these days. Still the traditional method of women gathering in the home of the bride for applying henna is celebrated like a ceremony for preparing her for the wedding.
The bride will have a series of wedding attires from her parents as gift and the brides of this community greatly believe that clothing makes a difference and so they wish the best attires for their marriage for each and every ceremony starting from the henna until the completion of the marriage. Generally, men and women have different celebrations separately.
One day called as Walimah is celebrated and during this traditional day, the family of the groom travels to the house of the bride to receive her. There will be a motorcade or long procession with drums and other musical instruments following by. Then, both the bride and the groom travel to the reception hall together. During this occasion, clothing makes a difference and so both of them dress up in attractive and rich attires. It is during this celebration, while people, who do not belong to their community are invited and so they dress up great to show off their richness via their dresses. Here, there are good online stores dealing with many such attires for women.

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